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Photometers – Water Testing Equipment

New Product Launch We are excited to be teaming up with WATER-ID, a German based company, to distribute their award winning PrimeLab 2.0 and other photometer equipment.   The next-generation of multi-function photometer is designed to elevate the user experience, delivering enhanced performance for a variety of applications. With an emphasis on versatility, PrimeLab 2.0

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Aquacorp Now Stocks Endotoxin Removal Cartridges and Housings

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH Nylon 66 Charge-modified Nylon 66 Cartridges offer a range of benefits for the removal of endotoxins. Positive filter media 0.22 micron rating High quality standards High bubble point Click here for more information PES Poly Ether Sulphone (PES) cartridges provide a solution for the removal of bacteria. Uniform Pore Distribution Hydrophilic filter

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Codeline Stock Arrival

  With more Codeline membrane housings in stock than ever before, Aquacorp are now well positioned to provide high quality, locally stocked solutions for your next project.     Codeline pressure vessels are used for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration processes, and are built to maximize the performance of water treatment and purification systems. These vessels have

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Supply Chain Disruptions and Shipping Delays

We’ve seen in recent months how COVID-19, the novel coronavirus outbreak, has impacted global and local supply chains. Most companies in Australia and around the world have been impacted by this shortage one way or another, and Aquacorp are no different. We have been working diligently since the pandemic begin to stay abreast of the changing

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Our Filter Bag & Cluster Housings Are Now WaterMarked

PVC & Stainless Steel Bag Housings PVC Bag Filter Housing These housings are the natural choice in many commercial and industrial applications. They provide a very high dirt holding capacity, maintaining their filtration capability far longer than cartridge filters. Features and Benefits Highly Versatile Higher Flow Rates and Capacity Quick Change-out, Less down Time 20

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Become an AFM Expert with these Water Treatment Webinar Series

The AFM® Webinar Series presents and discusses the Activated Filter Media – AFM® with it’s unique surface properties and benefits providing for a superior filtration performance. These webinars will significantly increase your knowledge in media filtration using AFM® in water treatment. AFM® – Activate Filter Media Direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter. Doubles the filtration

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Ultraviolet Systems Now WaterMark Certified

E Series Flow Rate Range : 11 – 60 LPM The E Series is designed for (but not limited to) the domestic and light commercial markets for simplistic, economical and efficient sterilization. The Reactor chambers are high quality 304 or 316L, Electro-chemically passivated and hand polished stainless steel. Benefits Fast and Efficient Disinfection   Low Cost Per Litre

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Product Update – PVC 5-Round Cluster Housing

Our PVC Cluster Filter Housing are highly versatile in meeting the filtration requirements of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These housings are designed to accept different types of sediment cartridges which can be used for the removal of; turbidity, precipitated iron, rust, scale, cysts and other micron-level particulates.

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Introducing New Myron L Products

Newly Released – 900DS Inline Monitor/Controller Accuracy, Reliability, Simplicity, Flexibility User Intuitive Graphical Interface allows easy Programmability of the instrument from the touch screen Quick and Easy Installation Multi-Parameter inputs Flexible display formats allows up to 7 different inputs simultaneaously Click here for more information Parameters Available:-Conductivity – Resistivity – Salinity – TDS – pH – ORP – Flow – Temperature – mV Input – % Rejection – 4-20 /0-20 mA Multi-Parameter Input   Coming Soon – Chloride PT7 Ultrapen 1 &

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Introducing Aquacorp’s Range of Filter Bag Housings

Pentek Bag Housing Lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene construction gives you strength without weight Comes complete with gauge, wrench and 3/8″ drain valve Available in 20″ large diameter, 1.5″ inlet/outlet Max pressure rating 90 PSI (620 kPa) Polypropylene felt filter bags available and ideal for filtering applications from 1 to 100 microns Click here for more product details Pall X100 Series

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Next-Gen Packaged R.O Systems

Aquacorp continues to work hard to bring quality products and brands to the market. Our latest is an improved Packaged RO System which is now assembled locally, bringing together quality engineering at a competitive price. Suitable for brackish Water applications Systems range from 4m³  to 55m³ / Day New 75m³ / Day & 100m³ / Day also available All

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Aquacorp Distributes World Leading Specialty Membrane Chemicals

PWT develops and formulates specialty chemicals for membrane based water treatment systems. With a complete line of RO pre-treatment and maintenance products, comprehensive analytical and technical capabilities, and a progressive research and development group, PWT offers solutions to maximize system performance. 25 years experience focused on chemical manufacturing and supply for the membrane industry. Researched, developed

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Large Diameter Tanks

Calplas Large Diameter Tanks Over 50 Years Experience in Filtration Systems Quality Without Compromise Uses only the most reliable GRP Polyester Technology Encapsulated Internal Steel Reinforcement High Temperature & Chemical Resistant Options Up to 3m Diameter Tanks Vertical & Horizontal Tanks available 2.5 to 7 bar Pressure Ratings Up to 10 Years Warranty Many options to choose from…

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Covid 19 Update

Dear Customer, We would like to advise all our customers and suppliers that while the situation around COVID-19 is continually evolving Aquacorp is continually taking every precaution possible to manage the associated risks to protect our employees, customers and other business partners. We will continue to monitor the advice from state and federal governments and

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