Become an AFM Expert with these Water Treatment Webinar Series

The AFM® Webinar Series presents and discusses the Activated Filter Media – AFM® with it’s unique surface properties and benefits providing for a superior filtration performance. These webinars will significantly increase your knowledge in media filtration using AFM® in water treatment.

AFM® – Activate Filter Media

  • Direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter.
  • Doubles the filtration performance of a sand filter by way of simple media change
  • AFM® will remove sediment down to 1 micron at 97% efficiency as well as dissolved organic components, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and microplastics.
  • Bio-resistant, will not support bacterial growth => no biofilm formation on AFM® surface.
  • Up to 50% reduction in backwash water consumption
  • Manufactured to a precise specification under ISO-9001-2015
  • NSF-61 certified for use in drinking water treatment
  • AFM® market proven performance >15 years without media replacement.
  • AFM® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to become self-sterilizing to offer superior adsorption properties.


AFM® for Water Treatment – A General Overview

  • Introduction to Dryden Aqua and AFM®
  • The biology of a sand filter and the main problems of biofilm
  • AFM® and it’s unique product properties
  • AFM® superior filtration and backwash performance
  • AFM® water treatment application & case studies


AFM® in Pre-Treatment to Reverse Osmosis (RO)

  • RO pre-treatment and membrane fouling
  • Filtration performance of AFM® versus quartz sand
  • AFM® versus MF/UF in RO pre-treatment
  • AFM® operation and CAPEX/OPEX benefits
  • Pilot testing for large SWRO project
  • RO pre-treatment case studies


AFM® in Drinking Water Treatment, Beverage Industry and Iron, Manganese, Arsenic Removal

  • Media filtration in ground and surface water treatment
  • The biology of a sand filter and the main problems of biofilm
  • Filtration performance of AFM® versus quartz sand
  • Cryptosporidium removal in drinking water treatment
  • Avoid/reduce formation of THM and DBP from chlorination
  • Iron, Manganese and arsenic removal by AFM®
  • AFM® case studies


AFM® in Waste Water Treatment and Oil Removal

  • Media filtration in municipal and industrial waste water treatment
  • Waste water specific filtration and backwash velocity requirements
  • Operation and cost benefits using AFM® versus silica sand
  • AFM® for oil/hydrocarbons removal
  • AFM® case studies
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