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Water-i.d.® reagent tablets are developed and produced exclusively in Germany. Currently, Water-i.d.® offers more than 85 different tablet types: photometer tablets for the use in the  PrimeLab 2.0 and PoolLab 2.0  as well as in many other common photometer models of other well-known manufacturers. Liquid reagents and powder reagent, both “Made in UK“ are available as well.


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Active Oxygen (MPS),  Alkalinity M and P,  Aluminium, Ammonia,  BN LUX,  Boron,  Bromine,  Carbohydrazide,  Chloramines,  Chloride,  Chloride in Methanol,  Chlorine Dioxide,  Chromium,  COD,  Colour (Hazen|APHA),  Copper, Cyanuric Acid,  DBNPA,  DEHA,  Dissolved Oxygen,  Erythorbic Acid,  Fluorescein,  Fluoride,  Hardness (Calcium, Magnesium, Total)  Hydrazine,  Hydrocarbons,  Hydrogen,  Peroxide,  Hydroquinone,  Iodine,  Iron,  Iron in Oil,  Isothiazolinone,  Magnesium Manganese,  Methylethylketoxime,  Molybdate,  Nickel,  Nitrate, Nitrite Nitrogen (total) Oxidants (total),  Ozone,  Peracetic Acid,  Permanganate Time Test,  pH–value,  Phenol,  PHMB,  Phosphate (ortho),  Phosphonate,  Phosphorus (total),  Polyacrylate,  Potassium,  PTSA,  QAC,  Silica,  Sodium Hypochlorite,  Sulphate,  Sulphide,  Sulphite,  Suspended Solids,  Tannic Acid,  Turbidity (NTU),  Urea, Zinc


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