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Bacteria Testing Kit

Water-i.d.® Bacterial tests are designed to provide a user-friendly, reliable, and cost-efficient approach to identifying specific Coliform bacteria. Their simplicity in operation makes them accessible for a wide range of applications. These tests, including the innovative “Dipslide tests,” are effective in accurately measuring bacteria levels within water tanks. Moreover, they can be used for surface monitoring, such as in swimming pools, ensuring comprehensive water quality management.

Features & Benefits

A dipslide is a method used to assess the microbial content of liquids or surfaces. It consists of a plastic holder containing a sterile culture medium that can be dipped in liquid or pressed onto a surface for sampling. After sampling, the dipslide is incubated for 48 hours at a specific temperature to allow microbial growth.

  • Dipslide pack contains 10 dipslides along with a comparison chart to obtain the test result.
  • Flexible paddle for effective surface contact.
  • Incubator for 2 dipslides and up to 45 dipslides.

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