Our Filter Bag & Cluster Housings Are Now WaterMarked

PVC & Stainless Steel Bag Housings

PVC Bag Filter Housing

These housings are the natural choice in many commercial and industrial applications. They provide a very high dirt holding capacity, maintaining their filtration capability far longer than cartridge filters.

Features and Benefits
  • Highly Versatile
  • Higher Flow Rates and Capacity
  • Quick Change-out, Less down Time 20 m3/hr and 40 m3/hr flow rate options

Stainless Steel Filter Housing

These filter housings are used in many applications where high flow rates and high pressures are required. suited for sediment filtration in sea water, process water and rinse water. Available in 304 & 316L Stainless steel

Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for High Temperature
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction 2 mm Body Thickness
  • Polished Exterior Finish
  • Easy to Install and Maintain

PVC & Stainless Steel Cluster Housings

PVC Cluster Housing

These durable uPVC cluster housings, which are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory, have excellent chemical resistance. PVC cluster housings are a popular choice among water filtration professional for their versatility, high flow, size, water saving and wide range of applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Accepts Polyspun DOE cartridges
  • Heavy Duty and Non-corrosive uPVC
  • High Flow Rates & Capacity
  • 800 KPA Pressure Rating
  • Easy to Install & Maintain

Stainless Steel Cluster Housing

The stainless steel cluster filter housings are an excellent choice for large scale, heavy duty filtration requirements. These housings are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel. They are compatible with a wide range of standard double open end (DOE) 64mm O.D cartridges adding to their versatility.

Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for High Temperature
  • Polished Exterior Finish
  • Robust Stainless Steel¬†Construction 2mm Body Thickness
  • Easy to Install & Maintain

WaterMark Certification Scheme

WaterMark is a mandatory scheme for the certification of plumbing and drainage products. The WaterMark Certification Scheme, or WaterMark, is a national scheme managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board or ABCB, on behalf of the State and Territory Plumbing regulators.

It provides assurance to consumers that plumbing and drainage systems work properly and the water you use is safe. It also ensures that plumbing materials and products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. This means that a material or product has been tested and evaluated to an approved product specification and certified by an accredited organisation.

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