Aquacorp Distributes World Leading Specialty Membrane Chemicals

PWT develops and formulates specialty chemicals for membrane based water treatment systems. With a complete line of RO pre-treatment and maintenance products, comprehensive analytical and technical capabilities, and a progressive research and development group, PWT offers solutions to maximize system performance.

  • 25 years experience focused on chemical manufacturing and supply for the membrane industry.
  • Researched, developed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Autopsy, analytical work and technical support. Experts available to help troubleshoot and optimize your membrane system.
  • Projection software available for comprehensive analysis and Dosing requirements.
  • For further information click here or visit PWT website.

Antiscalants – Formulated to extend Membrane Life

  • Specialty formulations for all types of waters
  • Unique Dendrimer based antiscalant technology
  • Certified ANSI/NSF Standard 60 compatible
  • Up to 11x concentrated products available


Membrane Cleaners  –  Improve System Performance

  • Specially formulated multi-component cleaners
  • Buffered pH – safe for membranes
  • Effective on scale, gentle on membranes
  • Easy makedown – safe for operators


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