Introducing New Myron L Products

Newly Released – 900DS Inline Monitor/Controller

  • Accuracy, Reliability, Simplicity, Flexibility
  • User Intuitive Graphical Interface allows easy Programmability of the instrument from the touch screen
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Multi-Parameter inputs
  • Flexible display formats allows up to 7 different inputs simultaneaously
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Parameters Available:-
Conductivity – Resistivity  Salinity – TDS  pH – ORP  Flow – Temperature – mV Input – % Rejection  4-20 /
0-20 mA Multi-Parameter Input


Coming Soon  Chloride PT7 Ultrapen

  • 1 & 2 Point Calibration Options
  • CI Concentration: 1-35,500 ppm as Chloride/0.025-1,000mM
  • High Quality, Reliable Repeatable Results
  • Accurate and easy to Use.
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PT7 Parameter Modes:-
ppm  – Display alternates between Chloride in ppm, and Temperature
mM   – Display alternates between Chloride in millimolar (mM), and Temperature
mV    – Display alternates between millivolt (mV) and Temperature

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