Aquacorp Now Stocks Endotoxin Removal Cartridges and Housings


Nylon 66
Charge-modified Nylon 66 Cartridges offer a range of benefits for the removal of endotoxins.

  • Positive filter media
  • 0.22 micron rating
  • High quality standards
  • High bubble point

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Poly Ether Sulphone (PES) cartridges provide a solution for the removal of bacteria.

  • Uniform Pore Distribution
  • Hydrophilic filter Media with low protein binding
  • High quality standards

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Single Round Housing

Single-Round Sanitary Housings
This single cartridge housing is specifically designed for low volume liquid filtration.

  • Quality surface finishing – Sanitary design prevents build-up of contaminants
    Product Sampling –
  • Sampling ports/points installed at both pre and post filtration
  • Quick-release closure clamp allows for quick disassembly
  • Adjustable nut on the legs allows for filter length to be adjusted.

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Single-Round Sanitary Housings
The multi-round filter housings is designed for liquid filtration with varying flow rates.

  • Ultra-fine polishing
  • Tri-clamp connection for vent
  • Adjustable nuts on legs ensure stable operation
  • Detachable plate as an option for complete cleaning in critical application.

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Why Endotoxin Filtration is important.

Endotoxins are components found in the cell walls of certain bacteria, notably Gram-negative bacteria. When released into the bloodstream, these endotoxins can trigger inflammatory responses, potentially leading to severe complications and infections. Recognizing the inherent risks, healthcare providers are increasingly turning to specialized filtration systems to address this challenge.

Endotoxin Cartridge Filtration: Endotoxin cartridge filtration is a sophisticated method designed to specifically target and remove endotoxins from various sources used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage and healthcare facilities. These cartridges, often composed of high-quality materials with specific pore sizes, effectively trap and neutralize endotoxins, preventing their dissemination and reducing the risk of patient exposure in a healthcare setting.

Applications in Medical Equipment: Medical instruments and equipment, despite stringent sterilization processes, can still harbor endotoxins. Endotoxin cartridge filtration systems integrated into sterilization processes play a crucial role in ensuring that medical devices meet the highest standards of cleanliness. This additional layer of protection enhances the overall safety and efficacy of medical procedures.

Water Purification: Water quality is paramount in healthcare settings, where it is used for a variety of purposes, from patient care to medical equipment maintenance. Endotoxin cartridge filtration in water purification systems helps eliminate potential sources of contamination, providing a reliable barrier against endotoxins and contributing to the overall infection control measures within healthcare facilities.

Endotoxin cartridge filtration represents a significant advancement in the ongoing efforts to create safer healthcare environments. By specifically targeting and neutralizing endotoxins, this technology plays a vital role in infection control, ultimately enhancing patient safety and contributing to the overall quality of healthcare delivery. As healthcare facilities continue to embrace innovative solutions, endotoxin cartridge filtration stands out as a key component in the pursuit of excellence in patient care.

As Australia’s largest wholesaler of water filtration systems and components, Aquacorp is proud to announce that we now stock a wide range of endotoxin cartridges and housings at our warehouse in Adelaide.

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If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Aquacorp representative.

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