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SH Sanitary Single Cartridge Housing

SH Single-Round Sanitary Filter Housing are specifically designed as a single filter housing for low volume liquid filtration.

Usually used in Food & Beverage, Medical, Health Services, Pharmaceutical and Life Science applications, these cartridge housings meets sanitary requirements and GMP standards.

Features include mechanical polishing, easy-to-clean, and thorough drainage, which eliminates concerns about remaining liquids.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality surface finishing – Internal Ra: 0.3μm; External Ra: 0.4μm. Sanitary design prevents entrapment or build-up of contaminants.
  • Product Sampling – Sampling ports/points installed at both pre and post filtration.
  • Vent & Drain: Threaded sleeve is separated by a stepped thread so that the connection tube will not wave when in draining or venting operation.
  • Enlarged vent and drain – internal diameter connects with an 8mm tube.
  • Quick-release closure clamp allows for quick disassembly – our sectional closure clamps increase pressure endurance by 20% compared to normal clamps.
  • When running at high operating pressure, quick-release closure clamps provide perfecting sealing for PTFE o-rings. Max. Operating Pressure can reach 6 bar.
  • Adjustable nut on the legs allows for filter length to be adjusted.

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