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SH Sanitary Multi-Round Housing

The SH multi-round sanitary filter housings are made to handle different liquid flow rates.

These GMP-compliant cartridge housings are typically utilized in applications related to food and beverage, medicine, health services, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.

Features include mechanical polishing, easy-to-clean, and thorough drainage, which eliminates concerns about remaining liquids. In addition, the filter housing is available with a detachable plate as an option if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-fine polishing – Internal Ra: 0.38μm; External Ra: 0.4 μm. Absolute sanitary polish
  • Product Sampling – Sampling ports/points installed at both pre and post filtration
  • Tri-clamp connection for vent, – no blind spots
  • Adjustable nuts on legs ensure stable operation
  • Detachable plate – optional for complete cleaning in critical applications

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