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Key Supplier: Wave Cyber

Founded in 2001, Wave Cyber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd adopts the most advanced technology and techniques in the world to make state-of-art products for the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal water treatment industries. Wave Cyber makes the highest of quality products that are ISO-9001, ASME and NSF certified. Products include wide range of fibreglass pressure tanks, brine cabinets/tanks, membrane pressure vessels, RO membrane elements and distribution systems.

Pressure Tanks
Wave Cyber pressure tanks are made of high performance composite materials with either a HDPE or LLDPE inner liner and an FRP filament outer winding shell. Wave Cybers design provides a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a GF PP Inlet for higher strength, temperature and pressure capabilities.

Wave Cyber vessels are designed with a max operating pressure of 150PSI (10.5 bar) along with a max operating temperature of 49 degrees C (threaded) or 65 degrees C (flanged).

They come in a wide range of sizes from a very small 6×13” Tanks through to a large 63×86” Tank.

Tank openings are available with either 2.5” Threaded, 4” Threaded, 4” Flanged or 6” Flanged openings.

Flanged tanks are made with a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a solid anodized aluminum cast flange. This design provides excellent strength, durability and lead free service.

24” through to 63” Tanks are available with Side port options to allow for ease of side mounted configuration along with utilizing the top flange for filling and bottom flange for drain hole.

Other tank options include Dome hole tanks from 13” through to 21” Tanks and DI Tanks from 8” through to 14” Diameter.

Wave Cyber tank range are certified to internationally recognized standards including NSF, PED, KTW and are designed to ASME-BPV-X certification. While Aquacorp has them certified to AS4020 and WMTS103 making them Watermark Approved.

*Photos are of actual Wave Cyber Tanks*

Distribution Systems
Wave Cyber’s distribution systems are made of high quality polypropylene materials and are one of the best in the industry. They provide high flow rates through their 0.2mm or 0.5mm slot size while having a robust outer cage as support. Distributors are available as Top mounted, bottom mounted or side mounted assemblies and for Side Ported tanks can be installed at the factory for no extra costs.

Membrane Pressure Vessels
Wave Cyber Membrane Pressure Vessels are precision engineered to improve the overall design and overall performance of your system. Wave Cyber purchases the most advanced computerized winding technology  and manufacturing equipment to achieve highest  integrity of the membrane pressure vessels, smooth  inner surface, accurate dimensions and precise  tolerance on the pressure tube body as well as the  accessories from the feed ports to a single ‘O’ ring  seal. These uniform dimensions provide and ensure  the tightest membrane element seal, eliminate any  possibility of leak and improve durability of your  system.    No matter your application requires low pressure or  high pressure, our products line and options allow it  easy to find the perfect fit to your machine or system.


Product range available includes:

Wave Cyber Membrane Vessels are;

  • 100,000 times cycle tested
  • Burst tested to 6 times of its operating pressure
  • 100% QA tested with 1.1 times stage elevation of hydraulic pressure.
  • 100% QA inspection and cleaning before final packing.
  • Factory is ISO9001 certified manufacturer
  • Factory is ASME RP certified so housings can be ASME stamped upon request.

Wave Cyber’s range of Ospura  reverse  osmosis  (RO)  membrane elements are some  of  the  finest  products in the industry. The state of the art coating line, coupled with advanced membrane technology, yields product of the highest quality and most stable performance. Ospura elements are uniquely engineered to have a high level of salt rejection with minimum compromise in water flux.

Ospura Membranes are suitable for home drinking water, brackish water and sea water applications.

Softener Cabinets
Wave Cyber manufacture Softener cabinets to suit your home softener needs. Made from Polypropylene material they are extremely robust and have a modern design. Cabinets are available in 3 sizes; suiting 17”, 24”and standard 35” high tanks while suiting 7”, 8”, 9” or 10” diameters.

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