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Key Supplier: Pentair – Codeline – Aqualine

Codeline Membrane Housings:

Codeline is the leading pressure vessel brand and recognized for its high quality, smart product portfolio and market changing innovations. Codeline pressure vessels have been setting industry standards ever since the 1970s and currently hold about 70% of the worlds market share of Membrane pressure vessels.

Codeline membrane housings are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications from industrial water treatment to wastewater treatment, from sea water reverse osmosis to water treatment processes in the Oil & Gas sector.
They are manufactured using the highest grade raw materials, computer controlled precision machines and adhere to a number of world wide recognised certifications including ISO 9001, NSF-61, CE, DMI and ASME-Sec-X while all vessels are put through a rigorous quality inspection and hydrotesting before shipment.

Aqualine Housings & Cartridges:

Aqualine is a liquid filtration solution which provides superior flow rates and guarantees long lasting performance. It combines a small footprint with large productivity and plays an important role in cost optimization of water treatment across a range of industries while being a great option as a pre-filtration solution in various applications.

It has the ability to provide high flow filtration with a wide range of cartridge micron ratings to suit your application. Housings are available in 150 or 300PSI pressure ratings and has the option to be ASME compliant for critical applications. The housing can be installed either horizontally or vertically and provides a quick and easy cartridge changeout.

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