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Professional Water Technologies, or better known as PWT based in Vista, California is a world leading manufacturer of chemicals for supply to the membrane industry. Beginning in 1998 it developed a unique dendrimer-based antiscalant chemistry for scale and fouling control. PWT has a wide range of products within their portfolio including antiscalants, membrane cleaners, coagulants & flocculants, biocides, antifoulants, dispersants and preservatives for the membrane applications. PWT’s has both liquid and powder based chemicals within their range to increase membrane longevity, improve system performance and reduce your operating cost in the long term.

PWT also have their very own engineered projection software called “ProDose XPRTTM” which helps design and scope the required chemicals and dose rates for your specific application. The software is easy to use, reliable, very precise and provides a clear means to calculating the scale potential and chemical dosage associated with RO.

For further information please view the PWT company profile video and brochure below;

Products and Services of PWT

Membrane Antiscalants

Since every membrane system is different, PWT have formulated a diverse range of specialty Antiscalants to offer a comprehensive solution for your application. This wide range of Dendrimer based products are not only environmentally friendly but are also offered in concentrated forms to save on shipping and storage costs of up to 90%.

Membrane Cleaners

Since membranes will inevitably foul over time, PWT has formulated a full range of specialty membrane-safe cleaners to keep your system operating efficiently to avoid any organic, biological, metal oxide or inorganic scale.

You will even find newly engineered environmentally friendly “Green” membrane cleaners within the PWT range. Opticlean X and Y for low and high pH cleans are phosphate free and container biodegradable chelant while the opticlean N is a enzymatic cleaner.

PWT Services

PWT also offer a range of Analytical services including in-house Membrane autopsies and membrane cleaning facilities, along with field services ranging from performance audits to pilot studies, training and troubleshooting.

So if you are looking for world class chemical solutions for your membrane filtration system the choice is easy. PWT will satisfy your needs every time.

Check out the PWT Website today. You will even find some excellent online tools including product selector, dosage and dilution calculator and a CIP calculator.


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