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Key Supplier: Myron L

The Myron L® Company, originally founded in 1957 as a Research and Development company, is a privately owned and operated company based in California, USA.
Since the 1960’s, the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control.

MyronL’s product line includes a wide range of both handheld and in-line instrumentation in either Analogue or Digital forms as well as calibration solutions, buffers and related accessories.

These instruments can cover from 1 testing parameter through to 9 parameters all within one unit.
TDS – Conductivity – pH – Resistivity – ORP – Free Chlorine – Temperature – Alkalinity – Hardness – Langelier Saturation Index – Dissolved Oxygen – Nitrate – Salinity & Mineral/Salt Concentration.

Myron L® instruments are used by professionals worldwide in a variety of applications, including water treatment, metal finishing, agriculture, aquaculture, printing, RO & DI, hemodialysis, electronics manufacturing and environmental studies/protection, pool & spa, hydroponics & horticulture to name just a few.

The MyronL motto for excellence has always been –


Need your Instrument Serviced or Repaired?
Aquacorp offer an in-house service option of your MyronL instruments from our Brisbane office for your convenience. No need to send your meter back to the manufacturer and pay exuberant costs to send it overseas or have to simply purchase a new one, our trained staff can repair and service your meter within days with a wide range of spare parts kept in stock. So if you need your MyronL serviced or repaired for any reason please contact for a quote us today.

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