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Key Supplier: Dryden Aqua

Dryden Aqua is one of the largest manufacturer of glass filtration media. As marine biologists, They have a unique knowledge combination and detailed understanding of the biological as well as the physio-chemical reactions in water. This has enabled them to develop and manufacture a highly innovative range of products such as the Activated Filter Media AFM®.

Dryden Aqua’s production is probably the most sophisticated glass processing factory in the world. Every part is optimise to make the best material available, with the best shape and size for all applications.

AFM® is manufactured under ISO9001-2015 conditions and is certified under DWI EC Reg31, NSF50 & NSF61 for swimming pools and potable water use and HACCP certified for food and drinks markets.

Learn more about AFM® with these water treatment webinar series

AFM® for water treatment – a general overview

  • Introduction to Dryden Aqua and AFM®
  • The biology of a sand filter and the main problems of biofilm
  • AFM® and it’s unique product properties
  • AFM® superior filtration and backwash performance
  • AFM® water treatment application & case studies

AFM® in pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis (RO)

  • RO pre-treatment and membrane fouling
  • Filtration performance of AFM® versus quartz sand
  • AFM®versus MF/UF in RO pre-treatment
  • AFM®operation and CAPEX/OPEX benefits
  • Pilot testing for large SWRO project
  • RO pre-treatment case studies

AFM® in drinking water treatment, beverage industry and iron,manganese, arsenic removal

  • Media filtration in ground and surface water treatment
  • The biology of a sand filter and the main problems of biofilm
  • Filtration performance of AFM® versus quartz sand
  • Cryptosporidium removal in drinking water treatment
  • Avoid/reduce formation of THM and DBP from chlorination
  • Iron, Manganese and arsenic removal by AFM®
  • AFM® case studies

AFM® in waste water treatment and oil removal

  • Media filtration in municipal and industrial waste water treatment
  • Waste water specific filtration and backwash velocity requirements
  • Operation and cost benefits using AFM® versus silica sand
  • AFM® for oil/hydrocarbons removal
  • AFM® case studies

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