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SpectraGuard™ 360

SpectraGuard 360 is a high performance blended antiscalant/dispersant with a broad spectrum scale inhibition. Enabling stable performance by complete control of the feed water chemistry. Capable of controlling carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, metal hydroxides, silica and particulates.

The superior performance of this product enables lower dosage rates to provide the same control as traditional phosphonate chemistries.

Features & Benefits

  • Using a proprietary blend of polymers and phosphonates this formula provides added control of membrane fouling in waters with high salts, high silica and colloidal foulants
  • Higher performance allows for lower dose rates than existing formulations
  • Stable molecular structure maintains integrity in high pH, high temperature and high salinity applications.
  • Classified for use in membrane systems producing drinking water (ANSI/NSF Standard 60)

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