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ESPA2 LD Series

Hydranautics offers a complete line of energy saving polyamide ESPA reverse osmosis membrane elements for a wide range of water treatment applications. Energy saving ESPA elements are available from Hydranautics in both 4-inch and 8-inch diameters by 40-inch long spiral wound configurations for many treatment applications. ESPA’s unparalleled performance characteristics can provide a significant cost savings due to the lower operating pressures required, while still providing optimal flow as well as high salt and boron rejection.

Features & Benefits

  • ESPA2 LD 4040 – 4″ membrane element for small brackish water applications
  • ESPA2 LD – Minimized biofouling, minimized colloidal fouling and enhanced cleanability
  • ESPA2 MAX – Offer the same rejection characteristics as ESPA2 but with even higher flow rates

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