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SWC5 Series (Sea Water Membrane)

The Hydranautics SWC membranes come in a range of innovative formulations suitable for varying degrees of seawater salinity. Each offers the highest productivity and salt rejection rates in the industry combined with the optimized flow, low fouling and low energy consumption.

This exceptional performance and consistency creates demand for SWC membranes in seawater desalination and high TDS industrial waste water treatment applications, including conventional and hybrid designs.

Features & Benefits

  • SWC5 LD – Used to minimize colloidal fouling when used with conventional pre-treatment equipment. Offer consistently low feed pressure and highest duration between two successive cleaning.
  • SWC5 MAX  – These membranes have a 440 ft2 active membrane surface area. They provide excellent performance with high TDS and boron removal from warm waters.
  • SWC5 LD 4040 – A 4″ membrane version that provides the performance of the SWC5 LD.

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