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Key Supplier: Pentair – Autotrol – Fleck – Pentek

Pentair is one of the largest manufactures of water treatment equipment in the world and has market leading brands as part of its portfolio including Autotrol, Fleck & Pentek.

Autotrol Valves:

Autotrol has been around since 1963 and is one of the three brands of mechanical water treatment control valves manufactured by Pentair. Its complete line of composite multiport valves, controllers and accessories provide the advanced features that end-users are looking for and the reliability and value that dealers are requiring. Autotrol valves cover a wide range of applications, either softening or filtration for residential, commercial or industrial markets, making it a brand of choice amongst water treatment professionals around the world.

Autotrol valves are characterized by their operating principle: flappers are actuated by a camshaft. The advantage being frictionless seals, no parts subject to wear inside the valve, ease of maintenance, longer service intervals and longer life cycle of the valve.

Within the Autotrol valve range there are multiple models suitable for your application. Some of which are displayed below;

Fleck Valves:

Fleck has been around for over 60 years also and is one of the three brands of Pentair control valves manufactured. Fleck Controls, Inc. was founded in the United States in 1950. It started to produce brine valves in 1958 and the first water softener valve in 1963. In 1995 Fleck was acquired by Pentair.

It covers a wide range of applications (either for softening or filtration purposes): residential, commercial or industrial, and hot or cold water. Over the past decades, Fleck has demonstrated a proven record of performance and reliability year after year. With more than 13 models, an essential part of Fleck’s reputation is its high quality and performance that comes from a time-tested hydraulically balanced piston, seal and spacer concept to effectively pilot service flow and regeneration. The only internal moving part is a brass piston with low friction coating.

Pentek – Cartridges & Housings

Pentair’s filtration range offers the highest performing products available, viewed as the one-stop-shop for all filtration needs. With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, Pentair’s specialized filtration products include filter housings, sediment and carbon as well as filter bags and RO membranes. Pentair products remove contaminants and suspended solids, providing clean and safe drinking water.

SIATA Valves:

SIATA is one of the three brands of Pentair control valves, specifically developed and manufactured in Italy. Composed of a broad range of multiport composite valves with service flow rates up to 35 m³/hr and advanced professional controllers, SIATA offers a full range of solutions that simplify the whole operating process on water treatment plants.

SIATA was founded in Italy in 1980 and played a major role in the market with innovations, such as the use of electronics in control systems. This idea, duly patented, has enabled Siata to perfect a highly-specialized and extremely versatile range of products for the treatment of water before and after the industrial process.



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