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Key Supplier: Maric Flow Control

Maric Flow Control is an Australian owned manufacturing engineering firm situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our Maric control valves maintain a constant pre-set flow rate of water, over a wide pressure range.

Established in 1963, and celebrating 50 years of manufacturing in 2013 – we have experienced rapid growth in recent years with up to 40% of our production distributed overseas.

For flow rate sensitive pumps, filters, pump glands and water distribution systems, the installation of these Maric control valves can offer many benefits and valuable protection.

The technology is based on a precision moulded rubber control ring in the valves body, with an orifice diameter that varies in response to the pressure differential applied to it. The greater the pressure, the smaller the orifice, and vice versa, thereby maintaining a constant flow.

The high quality of all Maric control valves is maintained through the use of a quality assurance program based on ISO9001, and is audited by SAI Global.
This allows the company to be both quality assured and hold a current WaterMark License.

For more information please visit the official Maric Flow Control website :

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