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Key Supplier: AQMatic

The manufacturer of genuine AquaMatic Valves and Controls!

We are pleased to announce that the AquaMatic product line, formerly manufactured by Pentair, will now be produced and serviced by the newly created, AQ Matic Valve and Controls Company.

The company was created by Walter Senney, president and owner of Met-Chem Group, headquartered in Cleveland, OH.  The AQ Matic division will be located in New Berlin, WI with production set to resume in Summer 2016.

AQ Matic is committed to supplying the same genuine AquaMatic products and services to OEM’s and distributors that they have been accustomed to with Pentair.

In addition, AQ Matic will honor warranties on AquaMatic products sold by Pentair that are still in effect per the warranty terms.  We will handle all aspects of the AquaMatic product line including manufacturing, engineering, and repair parts.

For more information please visit the official AQ Matic website :

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