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HYDRAcube® Technology

HYDRAcube® is a simple, compact and robust integrated rack solution. HYDRAcube® is designed to exploit the major advantages of HYDRAcap®MAX technology, the innovative solution in pressurized ultrafiltration by Hydranautics. By combining feed, filtrate and air supply in a single piece, HYDRAcube® provides a complete UF rack solution which drastically reduces footprint, saves engineering costs and makes assembly and maintenance works of the UF system much easier.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplicity: One piece (HYDRAcube® header) combining all the streams entering in and flowing out of the UF rack! Feed, Filtrate & Air
    lines integrated into single piece on top and bottom of each module.
  • Pre-Engineered System: Minimum amount of pieces. Fast and easy to install. Quality control simplified.
  • Modularly Expandable System: All HYDRAcap®MAX modules can be easily connected, added or removed. A single HYDRAcube® rack can contain from 2 to 34* HYDRAcap®MAX modules.
  • Reliable construction: Reinforced PP material pieces connected through BPE (Sanitary Flange) to ensure a reliable seal. Self supported structure. Pressure-rated to directly feed RO membranes.
  • Compact footprint: Huge footprint savings compared to a conventional rack design.
  • Fully integrated system: Capacity to fit 24 HYDRAcap®MAX 60 UF modules in a 20-feet HC container and 64 HYDRAcap®MAX 60 UF modules in a 40-feet HC container, using HYDRAcube® technology, for a containerized system solution. This is a complete working system which includes pumps, strainers, valves, blowers, PLC, HMI, etc.

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