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Hydranautics HYDRAcap®MAX

HYDRAcap® MAX is a technology using ultrafiltration PVDF TIPS hollow fibers (0.08 micron pore size). The pressurized hollow fiber modules are suitable for a wide range of applications as either final treatment or as pretreatment to reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF).

  • Industrial or municipal waste water
  • Sea water
  • Surface water and ground water

HYDRAcap® MAX offers combined benefits of high recovery and low footprint due to its optimized membrane area and novel cleaning regimes. High strength PVDF membrane minimizes fiber breakage rate and ensures consistently superior filtrate quality, This enables RO and NF systems to be operated at higher fluxes while maintaining longer intervals between cleanings.
No backwash pump is required for HYDRAcap® MAX systems. Physical cleaning is performed with air scouring thanks to a unique and patented air diffuser design.
Along with these modules offerings, Hydranautics provides access to a novel web simulator to design HYDRAcap® MAX systems in a simple and effective way. The simulator is currently being used by thousands of engineers to design and understand the whole ultrafiltration unit. Contact Hydranautics for more information or to get access to the program.

Features & Benefits

  • Low fouling hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane
  • Tolerant to chlorine, peroxide and other oxidants.
  • Operating flexibility, direct or cross-flow filtration
  • Exhibits 5 log (99.999%) removal for bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and 4 log removal for viruses, and reduces turbidity to <0.06 NTU
  • Pore Size – 0.08 micron
  • Operating mode – Outside to inside filtration

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