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Silver Impregnated Carbon Cartridge

Whilst a standard carbon block effectively removes chlorine, taste and odour from water, this Silver Impregnated cartridge is deigned to also remove bacteria. Activated carbon is made from coconut shell and activated through extreme high temperature and pressure stream. This carbon is then impregnated with silver and is well known for its bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria within the carbon media.

This Silver Impregnated filter cartridge is used globally in the aid for bacteriostatic water filter products for home use, potable water and beverage water. The filter fits most standard 10″ housings.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent for Bacteria Removal
  • Radial Flow Design
  • One Piece Molded Carbon Block
  • Excellent Filtering Performance
  • Individually Wrapped and Sealed

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