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Sediment Pleated Washable Cartridge

The Pleated Filter Cartridge is designed to supply a high flow rate with minimal pressure loss while maintaining a high quality of filtration. This is achieved by using a high quality, reusable, polyester, pleated fabric over a polypropylene support core.

The Pleated Filter Cartridge has been designed for exceptional sediment loading capacity with the ability to be rinsed and reused in most application thus extending the usable life of the cartridge. They are well suited for sediment removal in low pressure applications and in general domestic, rural, commercial and light industrial uses.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher Flow with Lower Pressure Loss
  • Exceptional Dirt Hold Capacity
  • Reusable Cartridge, which translates into Money Saved
  • Excellent Filtering Performance
  • Individually Wrapped and Sealed

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