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At last, there’s an innovation that offers customers an abundant supply of RO water, without the need for electric pumps or bulky storage tanks.

The Pentair Water® Reverse Osmosis System delivers up to 690 gallons per day using typical line pressure, which eliminates the need for a supplemental pump in most applications. That’s enough capacity for many small business applications, at the price of a residential system. The Pentair Water RO features a continuous ow design, so there’s no need to clear space for a storage tank.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous Flow – No storage tank needed
  • Works with Line Pressure – > 40psi
  • Never Runs Dry – On demand flow system will create hundreds of gallons per day
  • High Recovery System – Less wasted water goes down the drain.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – Change cartridges fast and easy – no scrubbing or cleaning

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