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ML-PT5 (Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature)

The PT5 Ultrapen is one of Myron L’s finest pocket testers for measuring Dissolved Oxygen, as well as Temperature. It has 3 calibration methods including Air, Water and 0ppm DO. It is waterproof and has a dynamic membrane temperature correction that is designed to be extremely accurate, fast, and simple to use.

The PTBT5 Ultrapen connects to and is controlled by your smart phone via BlueTooth®. Measurements are stored with time, date and location. Stored measurements can be exported by email.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • Adjustable for Altitude and Salinity
  • 3 Calibration Methods: Air, Water and 0 ppm DO
  • Easy to use – One Button Correction
  • Waterproof

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