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Empty Cartridge Canisters

The Canisters are designed to meet the market requirements for refillable cartridges which can be loaded with various medias. the polypropylene construction in combination with different medias make them suitable for a wide range of applications including: pH correction, Chlorine reduction, Hardness removal, Organic Colour and Taste Corrections, and Deionization.

The Up Flow design of the cartridge ensures maximum contact time with the media for optimum performance and incorporates a compression pad to discourage channeling. The canister has a Pre-filter pad for sediment removal and a 10 micron post-filter to prevent media fines from passing. The base of the canister is threaded for quick and easy media replacement.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide Variety of Applications
  • Refillable
  • Simple Installation
  • Individually Wrapped and Sealed

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