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Aquamatic Stagers

Stagers are motor-driver rotary multi-port pilot valves, which are used to control a set of diaphragm valves in a predefined sequence.

Constructed of durable, noncorroding, self-lubricating material for a long and troubled-free operation.

Control pressure to the stager, either hydraulic or pneumatic, must be constant and equal to or greater than the line pressure in the system.

Electrical stager are available for use in 120 VAC, 220 VAC, 12 VAC and 24 VAC configurations.

All stagers can be manually operated if power is not available.

Features & Benefits

  • Motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve
  • Controls a set of individual diaphragm valves in a predefined sequence
  • Driven by an electric motor
  • In the event of a power failure, stagers can be manually advanced through all positions
  • Functions by pressurizing and venting the control ports, allowing valves to open and close in predefined sequence
  • Standard stagers are designed to operate normally open valves
  • Optional stagers can be supplied with an inverted program normally closed valves
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