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Wave Cyber Pressure Tanks

Wave Cyber offers a variety of pressure tanks from 6″ to 63″ diameter for residential, commercial or industrial water filtration and softening applications.

Wave Cyber pressure tanks are made of high performance composite material – HDPE liner with FRP filament winding outer shell, while the larger diameter pressure tanks (30″ – 63″) are made of LLDPE liner with FRP filament winding outer shell. Wave Cyber’s design provides a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a GF PP inlet for high strength, temperature and pressure capabilities.

Flanged tanks are made with a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a solid anodized aluminum cast flange. This design provides excellent strength, durability and leak free service.

Wave Cyber tanks are both AS4020 and WMTS103 certified making them the only tank currently Watermarked in Australia.

Features & Benefits

  • Tanks available in threaded & flange options
  • 24″ to 63″ Tanks also available with optional flanged side holes
  • Operating pressure : max 150 psi (10.5 bar)
  • 4 times burst pressure tested (600PSI)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 – 49°C

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