Autotrol Valves

Fleck Valves

UV Systems

Ultrafiltration Systems

Filter and Softener Kits

Brackish Water ROs

Pressure Vessels and Tank Jackets

Brine Tanks and Cabinets

Ion Exchange Resins
and Filter Media

PRF and Modular Pro ROs

RO Housings and Membranes

Distribution Systems

Diaphragm and Multiport Valves, and Stagers

Multi-Cartridge and Bag Housings

Spares & Accessories
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Quality Water Treatment Equipment
from Australia's One Stop
Independent Wholesaler...
Aquacorp's wholesale products meet the needs of every sector of the water treatment industry.

Our products include:-

Valves and Controllers for Filtration, Softening and Demineralisation
Ultraviolet disinfection systems
Ultrafiltration Systems
Softener, Filter and Demineralisation kits - domestic & commercial
Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis kits, RO Membranes and Housings
Pressure Vessels, Brine and Mineral Tanks, Tank Jackets and Accessories
Ion Exchange Resins and Filter Media
PRF and Modular Pro Reverse Osmosis
Distribution Systems
Diaphragm and Multiport Valves and Stagers
Multi-Cartridge Housing and Filter Bag Housings
Spares and Accessories
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Fleck Range of Valves
Now Available
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