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LineGuard UF-100

LineGuard UF-100 is the next generation of Point Of Entry ultrafiltration systems, able to provide up to 60 LPM, removing 99.99% of viruses and 99.99% of bacteria.
The LineGuard UF-100 has two X-Flow UF modules with billions of microscopic pores small enough to retain all micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts as well as sediment and turbidity.

The superior membrane technology of the LineGuard UF-100 ensures the safety at the source for you, your guest or your patients. It is just one example of what we strive for with all of our products smart, innovative technology that meets specific needs in the most sustainable and cost-effective way possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact water system that produces safe, purified water for application where high flow rates, long service life, low maintenance and compact design are important factors.
  • Reliable, state of the art Pentair CPT Ultrafiltration membrane modules.
  • Built-in controller for automatic backwash and forward flush cleaning cycles.
  • Long service life provides up to 5000 m³ per system.

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