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Soft Protective Case
Hard Protective Case (small)
Hard Protective Case (kit)

The soft protective case is constructed of padded Nylon and features a belt clip for hands-free mobility.
Part number: ML-UCC

The Myron L hard carry cases have a high density polyethylene plastic shell with a foam-lined interior that conforms to specific instruments and accessories to provide maximum shock absorption.
Part Number: ML-UPP

There are two hard protective cases (kits) available, one for the 6P (8 solutions) and one for the 9P (14 solutions).
PS6 Part Number: ML-PKPS
PS9TK : ML-9PTKA (kit with meter); ML-TK9A (kit without meter)

bluDockô Accessory Package
Conductivity Standard Solutions
pH Buffers

bluDockô Accessory Package includes the bluDock, Macintosh/PC U2CI Software CD, Operation Manual, Quick Start Installation Guide and computer dongle.
Part Number: ML-BLUDOCK

Conductivity Standard Solutions are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of conductivity/TDS parameters. All Standard Solutions are NIST traceable for your complete confidence. recommended values: KCl- 7000 (7 mS), 442-3000 (TDS), or NaCl-14.0 (mS) available in 59 ml, 1 L, and
3,8 Litre bottles.

pH Buffers are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of pH and ORP parameters. Calibration with pH 7 Buffer is especially important. All pH 4, 7, and 10 Buffers are NIST traceable and are available in 59 ml, 1 L, and 3.8 L bottles.

pH Sensor Storage Solution
Replacement pH/ORP sensor
Certificate of NIST traceability

pH Sensor Storage Solution Available in
59 ml, 1 L, and 3.8 Litre bottles.
Part Number: ML-SS20Z, SSQ and SSG

Replacement pH/ORP sensor are user replaceable and features a unique/porous liquid-junction.
Part Number: ML-RPR

Certificates confirming the NIST traceability for both meters are available (must be specified when placing instrument order but can also be ordered after the meter has shipped at extra cost).
Part Number: ML-MC

Certificate of NIST traceability for pH Buffer or Conductivity Standard Solutions are available (must be specified when placing solution order but can also be ordered after the solution has shipped at extra cost).
Part Number: ML-SC
Accessories and Spare Parts

FAST one-touch measurements for Conductivity, Mineral/Salt Concentration, TDS, ORP (REDOX), Free Chlorine, pH and Temperature

SIMPLE user-intuitive prompts step you through Alkalini

CONVENIENT LSI Calculator accepts both grains and ppm hardness units (PS9)

EASY keypad calibration

STABLE 4-electrode conductivity cell eliminates polarization, increasing accuracy with minimal maintenance

POWERFUL microprocessor-based surface mount circuitry

UNIQUE pH/ORP glass sensor is user replaceable

VERSATILE solution modes provide accuracy in diverse water quality applications

EFFICIENT design features auto-off that minimizes power consumption - one 9V battery lasts up to 100 hours/5000 tests

ADVANCED proprietary temperature compensation and TDS conversion algorithms

RELIABLE non-volatile microprocessor provides data back-up, even when the battery is changed; this assures all calibrations and memory data are retained

Hardness/Langelier Saturation Index Calculator allows you to determine water balance adjustments on the spot.

Faster, simpler more accurate free chlorine readings measuring a dynamic range of concentrations wider than the range of colorimetric test kits.
Easily transfer stored readings to Macintosh and PC platforms with the optional bluDockô accessory package.

Ample memory provides increased flexibility to record and store 100 separate readings.

Real Time Clock with Date & Time Stamp allows you to maintain the integrity of each individual reading.
In-Cell titrations are simple to do. Reagent solutions are color-coded for easy recognition during procedure. Cell extender, pipette and replacement tips are included with kit. The pH/ORP sensor chamber provides protection to a unique porous liquid-junction. The large capacity KCI reservoir guarantees extended life.
A custom LCD helps simplify calibration and operation by using annunciators and prompts to indicate various conditions.
IP67/NEMA 6 rated PoolPros are waterproof and buoyant and can be fully immersed to 3 feet/1 meter.